What’s the situation?

Our political leaders, dominant ideas, and cultural limits are failing to rise to the challenge of our moment. We’re living through unprecedented times, times that call for new ways of thinking and being.

The Freedom Tour is our answer to that call.

People across Britain are waking up to the reality of our situation; I’ve been sold a lie. My university degree won’t save me from rising sea levels. My 40-hour workweek isn’t making me happy. The people I vote into power don’t give a shit about me.

The past 30 years have gutted this country of its political agency. Defeatism, distraction, division and despair act as walls between people and their own power.

But in the wake of the pandemic, something new is building…

A generation of politicised young people - who rallied around Corbyn, Fridays For Future, and now Kill the Bill - long for a movement that can unite different struggles and create real change.

Make no mistake: we’re in for a summer of love, rage, and resistance, and the revolution is coming. But to win, we need to engage a broad cross-section of society. We need to crack open this budding revolutionary space and welcome everybody in. There are thousands of people out there who secretly dream of a better world (a 2015 poll found that 64% of Brits think that capitalism is unfair). We’re going to listen to their stories, and tell them ours.

Expectations have been set too low for too long. People do not believe in themselves or in others. We’re trapped inside small ideas of what it’s possible. It’s time that changes.

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